2018 Felix Industry Award

Lotras stood out once again as the best medium-sized enterprise in Foggia province, turning out to be awarded as the only enterprise in Capitanata, also during the fourth edition of Premio Industria Felix – La Puglia che compete (Felix Industry Award – Apulia that competes), organized by the cultural association Industria Felix, in institutional partnership with Apulia Region and Apulia Development and sponsored by the Luiss Guido Carli University, Apulia State Universities, Confindustria Puglia. The event is based on a research work, developed in collaboration with Cerved Study Centre, carried out on financial reports of almost eleven thousand limited companies having legal residence in Apulia and turnovers over half a million euros.

Mr Armando de Girolamo, Sole Administrator of Lotras Society, got the award and recalled the importance of logistic and railway freight transport, which contribute to the economic development and environmental sustainability.