Job in lab

The Sole Administrator of Lotras, Armando de Girolamo, participated to the 2019 Edition Presentation Press Conference of Job, the Job and Creativity fair, promoted and organised by Foggia University and enterprises.

Foggia member of the parliament Mr Giorgio Lovecchio, the member of the Committee on Budgets, Mr Salvatore Giuliano, the Undersecretary of MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), Mr Maurizio Ricci, the dean of Foggia University, Mr Roberto Eretta, HR Lidl Italy Director participated at the meeting with journalists, held in Rome on the last July 9th at the Pressroom of the Chamber of deputies.

During his speech, Mr de Girolamo highlighted the full agreement for the goals of the Fair, in line with Lotras’ activities and initiatives in favour of the training, pursuing the final objective which is the employment. In order to reach this purpose, didactic and scientific partnership must be created. The scientific partnership, specifically, is aimed at transferring the technological know-how for the enterprises and giving value to skills.

It is very effective, furthermore, the organisation of the exhibition which is aimed at privileging the human relationship, the direct knowledge, the exchange of experiences in person.

The attendance and participation of Lotras to the Job Fair, furthermore, is part of a consolidated and full collaboration with education and training sector; with schools for school-job alternation projects, with Foggia University and Polytechnic University of Bari for the internships and traineeships before graduation and also for the interuniversity course of logistic system for the agri-food sector, with Higher Technical Institutes and in particular with the Higher Technical Institute for Logistics for Apulia, which boosted the first two-year course for the training of Higher Technician for the Intermodal sector.

However, I regret to report – the Sole Administrator told at the end – that this joined effort in favour of the cultural growth and for the employment risks to “be short of breath” as long as other institutional bodies of the territory will not keep supporting the growth and the development of the enterprises, neglecting the creation of the necessary conditions and waits for achieving new projects and investments.