ER.I.C. Academy, results of the first year and conferment of certifications

On 27th November, “Formazione logistica e intermodalità, competenze e professionalità a supporto del settore” (“Logistics training and intermodality, competences and professionality to support the sector”) event was held at the Auditorium of Emilia-Romagna Region. This was the theme of the round table discussion promoted by ER.I.C. (Emilia Romagna Intermodal Cluster) coordinated by the Foundation ITL to which experts and representatives of the intermodal logistic hubs of the region, roughing out the skills and competences requests needed to be hired in this specific market.

The initiative was implemented at the end of the first year of the Network Corporate Academy of ER.I.C. Cluster. This network of operators represents the main intermodal hubs of Emilia-Romagna region that, under the aegis of the Regional Administration, set as priority the theme of the internationalisation and training in order to promote sustainable and competitive transports and aimed at increasing the intermodality.     

The theme, which is important to the regional planner, put at the centre the creation of new professional figures able to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and under evolution market, that-is-to-say the logistics and transport sector. In fact, both of them report a growth for the employment during the period from 2011 to 2018 (+22%). This sector aimed at increasing the spread of models of transport o new technology and interaction with the global market, elements that define a necessary qualification of the system of the competences. 

The peculiarity of the two training paths that the Academy of the Cluster started up during the first year of activity and implemented thanks to the regional co-funding, is that of giving birth to 2 new professional figures technique-operative (Terminal Operator) and managerial (Intermodal Terminal Manager) having specific knowledge on railway logistics, development of new intermodal services paying attention to changes and integrations of this market’s business. Figures able to integrated in the entrepreneurial processes and support the interactions dynamics with customers/suppliers and competitors of the market.

The event is not only a moment of summary of the work done, but also a celebratory moment for the conferment of the certificates of qualifications achieved by the participants that ended positively their training. 60 % out of 24 students, after a month since the end of this experience, has already had proposals of collaboration in the specific sector of specialisation.  

At the end of the work, the vice president and Transport Counsillor, of Emilia-Romagna Region, Mr Raffaele Donini, who also conferred the certificates, took part.

The initiative was also an occasion to create a local event of the European project called New Brain.