Lotras continues its commitment in the environmental sustainability

During 2020 the movement of Lotras trains throughout Italian and international networks, in collaboration with Mercitalia Rail (Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato), led to a reduction of about 45,000 trucks from roads and motorways, saving over 38,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.  

This is the result of the annual certification for the 2020 environmental impact of the freight trains, compared to the equivalent of road transport.

“During a year of epochal difficulties for economy –Lotras Sole Administrator, Armando de Girolamo, stated – railway logistics confirmed and consolidated its strategy for the vitality of territories and different freight-related sectors, even if it is still suffering from the results of the decrease in the consumptions”.                          

“Lotras’ commitment is getting stronger over the last months in order to make railway services sustainable for the environment and community; It renewed the wagons-related fleet and consolidated the digitation of activities and services in the railway terminals that it manages”.  

Therefore, Lotras continues and strengthens its contribution to achieve the objectives enshrined in the European Commission’s White paper, concerning the reduction of the environmental impact of transports, according to which, by 2030, 30% of the road freight traffics covering more than 300 km must be switched to other modalities, among which the railway transport, by achieving 50% by 2050.

“A constant action – Mr de Girolamo said at the end – in line with the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan, to which we would like to contribute by involving the Southern Italy and the entire Country System, by balancing the social and economic impact of the pandemic crisis and supporting the green, digital transition aimed at increase the growth”.