A regional alliance for the railway freight transport

“Regional alliance for the railway freight transport”, this theme of the convention scheduled for 7th July 2021 from 9 o’clock in live streaming from Emilia-Romagna Region offices.

A precioius appointment aimed at listening to the saccessful stories of leader enterprises from different sectors, which go from the food to the meccanichal engeeniering and chimical Industries. The supply chain managers of these Companies are going to tell about their experiences concerning the development of quality intermodal servicies, which are in line with the requests of lead time of the market, searching for technological solutions in order to aggregate volumes, develop partnerships which have been evolving together with the suppliers and reduce at the same time the environmental emissions.

In fact, this theme has become priority in a Region with a manufacturing sector of exellence. First region for per capita, in connection with the economic system of all the World. Promoting global rebalance of the system of freight transport is a shared priority among industries, railway intermodality-related industries and institutions. A very important theme both for the enterprises and consumers.    

During the convention, Emilia-Romagna Region, which has been commiting itself to support the freight railway transport and pioneer in the devolpment of incentivisation for the sector, is going to to show the policies in favour of this way of transport taking into account an integrated point of view including actions for a low environmental impact, actions aimed at supporting the innovation of entreprises and qulifying competences of the sector.

The convention is organised by E.R.I.C. (Emilia-Romagna intermodal cluster), by ITL Foundation’support.

Middle North Authority of Port System of Adriatic Sea, Cepim Spa, Dinazzano po Spa, Interporto Bologna S.p.a., Terminal Rubiera S.r.l., Lotras S.r.l, Terminal Italia S.r.l. Gruppo FS, Terminal Piacenza Intermodale S.r.l., Sapir S.p.a. 

Mrs Viviana Gigantiello, LOTRAS Operative and Administrative supervisor, during the presentation of the initiative, stated that “the answer of the complex dinamism of the sector is the collaboration of strategic synthesis whose goal of each entreprise expands, includes and valorises clients’ objectives, general interest of a significat territory for the economy of the Country, the sustainability and the security as a resourse to generate future”.

To receive the access link for the streaming, the registration is compulsory. Follow the instructions in the web page of the event:


For further information: www.ericintermodal.com