Certifications and security, a winning combination

The respect of common principles for the management, regulation and supervision of the railway security ensures that all the Entities in charge of maintenance of the vehicles applies to the EU requirements and conditions of Certification.

Lotras obtained the Certificate as Entity in charge of maintenance for its railway vehicles (wagons and manoeuvring locomotors). The system of its organisation for the maintenance complies with the EU directive 2016/798 of the European Parliament and Council and EU implementing regulation 2019/779 of the Commission. 

This result shows the constant investment in material and intangible assets of the enterprise, and fuels and fully enhances the goals of continuous improvement for the management of the railway security and quality of the services carried out as Operator for the multimodal transport and Infrastructure manager. 

The audit has also highlighted that Lotras has an organised system and a communication, coordination and traceability structure for the maintenance, supported and valorised by a specific software and in-house developed. This software can ensure elasticity and adaptability. The structure is also valorised by competences and knowledge of human resources dedicated to the management of its railway vehicles.     

“The Certification 779/2019, Entity in charge of maintenance, is an important operative and management goal for the maintenance of our wagons and locomotors – Lotras Sole Administrator Mr Armando de Girolamo stated – and for the Company and its team, an important incentive, greater responsibility and commitment for the customer and Bodies in charge for the safeguard of the security in the railway circulation”.

“The enhancement of the tangible and intangible assets of our Company keeps going on” – Mr de Girolamo said – “because we implement and consolidate, in an entrepreneurial context at a high technological level, a concrete evolution of the competences and technic knowledge as our organisational answer to the strict and significant laws for the security concerning the sector”.   

The ECM certification just obtained goes to be part of a set of other Lotras’s certifications, which are ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, SA8000. Lotras keeps investing in the training, engagement of its human resources and assets with a more and more sustainable having effects on the community which creates future for the sector.