The piece by Domenico de Girolamo in Pietrarsa

The passion for art and the pieces by Domenico de Girolamo have been the main points at 5th Forum of Pietrarsa, organised by Assoferr, in collaboration with Confetra and Conftrasporto, held in the last days in Naples at the Railway National Museum

One of the wagons of Lotras’s King of Green collection created over the years by Domenico de Girolamo, and up to the untimely death, was installed in the area in front of the Forum, where the convention’s attendees and visitors gathered for the important assembly could recognise in person the innovative tool of communication for the art and environment.    

The coating of the tank wagon that shows street art graffiti drew Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Mr Enrico Giovanni’s attention, who appreciated this initiative as well as the others by Lotras that decline in the different forms the railway logistics as a cohesive element of Territory, culture, community.

Art is a peculiar, distinctive element of Lotras entrepreneurial mission, as the virtual art gallery of the Company’s web site shows, which gathers and shows a part of a hundred of pieces gathered and created by Domenico de Girolamo. Art and culture that move along the railway train paths – the Magnificent Rector of Foggia University, Mr Pierpaolo Limone remembered during his passionate speech – and are, furthermore, elements for the promotion of the excellences of the territory of Capitanata and for its projection beyond the national borders.   

These further acknowledgments for the work carried out over so many years by my son Domenico, with an always synergic commitment with the entrepreneurial sector – Lotras Sole Administrator, Mr Armando de Girolamo said – are elements of encouragement and strength for all our family and for the whole Company’s team, requested to look ahead so that the indelible memory becomes a projectile element aimed at facing the challenges that the entire society must face.


In the picture, from left: Mr Giuseppe Catalano, Coordinator of the Technical Structure of Mission of the Ministry of the Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility; Mrs Teresa Santoro, Domenico de Girolamo’s wife; Minister Enrico Giovannini; Mr Armando and Nazario de Girolamo, respectively Sole Administrator and General Manager; Mrs Viviana Gigantiello, Lotras Operative and Administrative Manager.