Lotras among the 100 Italian Excellencies for sustainability

Lotras is among the 100 Italian Companies that stand out for sustainability. The official recognition is the “Sustainability Award”, the project by which Credit Suisse and KonGroup, in collaboration with the Italian Edition of the magazine Forbes, that awards the organisations which have been able to bring forward a sustainable, inclusive, stable growth, creating an adding value also for the society.

In the list of the 100 Excellences, next to well-known Italian entrepreneurial giants in the different sectors, Lotras was the protagonist of the first edition of this interesting initiative that considers the Company’s objectives and the policies, managerial models and the actions adopted.

“The sustainability is since time one of the essential values for our company” – the Sole Administrator of Lotras, Armando de Girolamo stated – “even before it became a global theme which cannot be eluded, because no company can avoid a concrete, coherent responsibility towards the environment. This recognition, furthermore, derives from the common awareness of all the team Lotras, that I thank for contributing to the achievement of this important result”.

“We hope” – the Administrator de Girolamo said - “that this community of Excellences can become a shared network of initiatives aimed at improving performances of all of them and also taking benefit on the relating territories”.

The list of the Sustainability Award derives from a selection of hundreds of Italian companies that have been exposed to an independent assessment by our technical partners; in first case through the model of Esg rating developed by Altis (Alta Scuola Impresa e Società – High School Company and Society) of the University Cattolica of Sacro Cuore – a model that takes into consideration factors such as Environment, Society, Governance – and in the second case, instead, through Reprisk methodology.