The rolling highway for the freight transport

“312 trucks for the freight transport that weekly traversed 700 kilometres between Brindisi and Forlì, no longer on the road, but on rail, by using the innovative technology of movement and transport, aka RoadRailLink, for the movement of the non-craneable semitrailers, that can be considered an extraordinary result.  
This means an important commitment for the safeguard of the environment and safety, and a significant incentive for the competitiveness of our Companies especially in the sectors characterised by a strong presence on our global markets”. These are the words of our Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Ms Teresa Bellanova, who inaugurated at the Intermodal Hub of Brindisi the new service of the travelling motorway Rail-Road, starting from today on the route Brindisi – Forlì Villa Selva and way back for a total of 12 trains per week, with 6 evening departures from each of the two terminals and arrival to destination on the following morning.
The initiative is the result of the partnership of three companies – Lotras, Trasporti F.lli Primiceri, VTG – which share concretely the principles of the ecological transition and sustainable mobility, which – Mr Nazario de Girolamo, Director General of Lotras, said- decided to join the corresponding specialisations and competences for the inclusive project, that we hope can be extended as early as possible also to other realities and Italian railway paths, by the important support by the different societies of Italian Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane that accompanies the initiative: Mercitalia Rail, RFI, Terminali Italia.
A competitive approach and synergic for the interest of the territory, Mr Luigi Primiceri stated, who thanked Mr Guido Gazzola, VTG Italia’s manager, whose contribution to the project shows also the international dimension of the partnership.
During the inauguration there were the manager of Terminali Italia, Mr Salvatore Castello, the Mayor of Brindisi, Mr Riccardo Rossi, the President of System Port Authority of Southern Adriatic Sea, Mr Ugo Patroni Griffi, The Assessor to the Economic development of Apulia Region, Mr Alessandro Delli Noci, the Member of Parliament Mr Mauro D’Attis, the President of Confindustria Brindisi Mr Gabriele Menotti Lippolis.  
An efficient model of collaboration was highlighted during the meeting, which allows to move per year over 15,000 trucks from the road to the railway, in a context of convergent interest among operators of the freight transport by road and railway, distinguished – the Vice Minister Bellanova said for integration, interoperability and intermodality, which must be always more the key words of the Southern Italy as they are in the National Recovery  and resilience Plan, which means, furthermore, the economic sustainability for the productive system, social sustainability, safeguard of the environment.