Connections with Turin and Cervignano del Friuli are underway which are added to those between Brindisi and Forlì-Villa Selva


The innovative "R2L Connector" platform was presented at the SITO Nord Interport of the Intermodal Terminal of Turin, which makes the transport by rail of all truck semi-trailers accessible, even those that cannot be craned. The initiative will also implement from Piedmont (Turin) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Cervignano) the traveling motorway service already active along the Adriatic ridge and the result of the partnership between primary operators in the sector which, in collaboration with S.I.TO - Interporto di Torino , have decided to combine specializations and skills for a service that declines in the most correct and inclusive way the principles of the ecological transition through the combination of rail and road in the transport of goods: Lotras, manager of the railway terminal of Incoronata (FG) and reference operator on the terminal of Villa Selva (Forlimpopoli); VTG, an international logistics company with a strong focus on railways; Trasporti F.lli Primiceri, Salento's leading freight transport company.

"This partnership" - declares the Sole Director of Lotras, Armando de Girolamo, is a further step in the direction of environmental protection and safety, but also a significant incentive for the competitiveness of companies operating in the logistics sector, in this case with the further objective of networking all the terminals capable of offering the "R2L" service, while preserving the full operational and economic autonomy of the hauliers ".

"The extension of the railway motorway model to more areas of our country" - declares Guido Gazzola, General Manager of VTG Rail Europe Italy - "testifies to the concrete commitment of companies in the sector in the direction of pursuing short and medium-term EU objectives term regarding the containment of emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere ".

"The virtuous synergy between the road transport sector and the movement of goods by rail" - adds Sonia Primiceri, Sole Director of Transport Primiceri - "strengthens a collaboration already started on the railway tracks that connect Puglia (Brindisi) with Emilia Romagna (Forlì-Villa Selva), and vice versa, overcoming clichés and ideological barriers between two sectors of the same sector that have decided to collaborate in the interest and well-being of the country and the community ".

"In a historical moment in which all economic operators are called to collaborate to overcome the delicate economic and social phase" - the protagonists of this innovative partnership conclude jointly also on a cultural level "the railway motorway, for the various reasons mentioned so far , declines and testifies in the most effective way the systemic and synergistic action of operators in the logistics sector in the direction of economic sustainability for the production system, social sustainability and the protection of the territories ".