Volume presented Ryo 1981 Forever



“Railway infrastructures, an indispensable element for the sustainable development of the country, must also favor urban regeneration processes to harmonize growth processes and combine general interests with those of cities and territories. Art and culture can accompany this innovative process, as is evident in the path of Domenico Pio De Girolamo, a lover of trains and art ".

It is when Giuseppe Catalano, Coordinator of the Technical Mission Structure of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, declared, concluding the conference for the presentation of the volume "Ryo 1981 - Forever", dedicated to the artistic ego of Domenico Pio de Girolamo, entrepreneur of the railway logistics and writing artist, who died prematurely in 2020.

The editorial work collects testimonies, images and contributions of artists today also established on an international scale, dedicated to "graffiti" in its various forms, with a central role of the initiatives created or supported by Domenico Pio Girolamo, aka Ryo, including stands out "Kings of Green" project that over the years has allowed the creation of dozens of works inspired by "street art" on the liveries of the Lotras tank wagons, creating a unique and rare permanent and itinerant exhibition that moves daily along the European railway track lattice.

The conference, promoted and organized by the University of Foggia and Whole Train Press, editorial project of the Globcom creative agency - founded by Domenico Pio de Girolamo and today curated by his wife Teresa Santoro - was opened by the institutional greetings of Agostino Sevi, Vice-Rector of the University of Foggia, and Gianni Rotice, Mayor of Manfredonia, the artist's hometown, followed by the interventions of: Pietro Rivasi, independent Curator; Armando de Girolamo, Sole Administrator of Lotras; Rossella Palmieri, Professor of Italian Theater Literature at the University of Foggia.

The initiative - sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, City of Manfredonia, Assoferr, Impresa Puglia, Lotras - attracted a large audience with numerous representatives of the institutions and trade organizations of the various sectors, who were able to deepen the knowledge of an artistic and cultural phenomenon often not included in its deepest values, which in this case have made trains not only carriers of goods transported, but also of messages that promote environmental protection, safety, quality of life, ethics and development sustainable territories.

Ultimately, art and railway logistics constitute a noble union that is also a concrete testimony of cultural and entrepreneurial innovation.

                                                                                                       Manfredonia, 30/09/2022

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