New investments to improve environmental sustainability and service efficiency

New investments to improve environmental sustainability and service efficiency have been made by Lotras at the Intermodal Cargo Terminal in Foggia Incoronata. These are three new wheeled cranes for lifting and moving intermodal transport units, two of which are already operational, all highly performing, with low environmental impact and capable of favoring a substantial reduction in consumption.

The fleet of three locomotives operating on the bundle of pick-up and delivery tracks for the connection with the Adriatic line and on 8 kilometers of tracks that characterize the 70,000 square meter surface area of Terminal Lotras has also been joined by the new CZ Loko locomotive 741.758, RYO, which makes it possible to further reduce emissions into the atmosphere, noise pollution and optimize maintenance interventions for the benefit of the environment, the community and the operators directly involved in its use. The locomotive has advanced self-diagnosis and safety systems for shunting from the pick-up beam to the inner sidings of industrial sidings and cargo terminals.

The new vehicle was called RYO, stage name of Domenico Pio de Girolamo, who died prematurely in 2020 - founder of Lotras with his father Armando, his mother Antonietta and his brother Nazario - who has always combined the corporate commitment with the cultural one , with a particular passion for “street art”. Railway logistics, therefore, as an element of cultural promotion and union for territories and communities, as the virtual art gallery on the site attests, which collects and presents a part of the hundreds of works created and collected by Domenico Pio de Girolamo.

At the same time, the corporate sustainability path continues to support the UNI EN ISO 14064 Certification of the Carbon Footprint Organization (CFO) with the further reduction of atmospheric emissions, with synergistic mitigating interventions and actions that will lead Lotras to neutrality in the next two years.

The overall sustainability chosen by Lotras also looks at profitable relations with the local area, as furthermore ratified by the awarding of the Sustainability Award to Lotras in 2022, an important acknowledgment reserved for companies that have witnessed sustainable and inclusive growth and balance, creating added value also for the community.

Lotras directly manages the intermodal freight terminal of Foggia-Incoronata and is the reference company for that of Forlì-Villa Selva as MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator), confirming a strategic synergy between Puglia and Emilia Romagna for the consolidation and deconsolidation of goods through an organization of means and production resources capable of ensuring activities and services in an efficient and sustainable manner, thus optimizing overall times and costs of the last railway mile, also with the support of the Lotras System logistics center in Faenza. The recent implementation of the railway motorway service, launched in 2021 and able to support hauliers who do not have an equipment equipped for intermodality, allowing the embarkation of all non-cranable road semi-trailers, falls within the network of planned and ordinary lines of the railway network that extends from Sicily to central Europe.

A hub & spoke model that optimizes the distribution of goods and their consolidation with dedicated raises that respond to customer needs, as part of a framework agreement with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), manager of the national railway infrastructure.