Lotras' contribution to the European combined and intermodal transport network

Lotras has joined the UIRR (International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport), the association that actively promotes combined transport towards European decision makers to foster the improvement of the sector through support for this mode of freight transport on long distance ecologically and economically sustainable.
The UIRR, based in Brussels, has been operating since 1970 and brings together all the main operators and terminal operators of combined transport which, in their respective markets, take care of the organization and marketing of this eco-compatible system for forwarding goods.
"Our membership of the UIRR - said Armando de Girolamo, Sole Director of Lotras - also looks at the important role played by the European network in relation to research and innovation projects such as those carried out in important Community programmes, but also at the harmonization working procedures and methods of management systems between the various associated companies in order to facilitate a greater diffusion of combined and intermodal transport in Europe".
“We also believe that the next European objectives towards the further reduction of road freight transport - from Lotras also pursued with the implementation of the railway highway which since September 2021 has already allowed the movement of over 15,000 semi-trailers from the Italian road network -, will be able to be achieved more effectively and promptly through constant dialogue with operators in the sector equally engaged in the challenges of environmental sustainability".