ITS, full speed ahead

Lotras has renewed the partnership and collaboration with the ITS Academy Logistica Puglia, which, at the Bari office, is launching the HIGHER RAIL TRANSPORT TECHNICIAN course for the two-year training period 2022/2024. This is a highly requested figure in the world of transport and logistics as he is responsible for managing the configuration of activities and the composition of transport and shipping practices, documentation and operational management of the terminal and warehouse, preparation operations and movement of railway convoys.
The two-year training course is divided into four semesters for a total duration of 1,800-2,000 hours, also including a CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP directly in ITS partner companies. The courses of ITS LOGISISTICA PUGLIA are limited in number and reserved for boys and girls in possession of a secondary school diploma; they are also completely free with reimbursement of travel expenses by public transport for non-residents at the location of the course and allow access to both the benefits provided by the right to study ADISU (Regional Agency for the Right to Study), and participation in the Erasmus+ Program for free experiences abroad in partner companies.
At the end of the two-year period, graduates will possess: Diploma of the Ministry of Education in Higher Technician corresponding to the V level EQF (European Qualification Framework); English Certification CAMBRIDGE; Certification Training Safety in the workplace; First Aid Certification; License to drive forklifts; Dangerous Goods Certification, as well as further certifications that may be required by the partner companies of the individual route. Below is the link to register online for the selections: