The Lotras Company values in the last issue of Blab Magazine

The last issue of Blab Magazine, published by Bonassisa Lab, leading company for the certification of food-farming-related products, enshrines an article written by Mrs Viviana Gigantiello, Lotras General Coordinator, that shows passionately the values and the elements that characterise Company’s mission. In the article, Lotras’ history and peculiarity, the strong relations with the territory, the commitment for the promotion of the productive vocations, the integrated vision with different environmental, cultural, ethical aspects that distinguish Lotras model of doing business, are highlighted.

One of the more felt Lotras’ commitment, concerning the socialisation of the brand, is that of the art, which was launched several years ago by Mr Domenico de Girolamo, prematurely passed away the last summer, to which Lotras dedicated an area inside the Terminal of Foggia-Incoronata and destined to host books, catalogues, postcards, magazines, art and writers-related exhibition, in order to continue to nurture the grandeur of travels, transits and movements.

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